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1. What bird was rescued after being found perched inside New York’s Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree this year
2. Kissing under the Mistletoe is a well-known Christmas tradition. What bird is responsible for spreading the seeds of Mistletoe?
3. Often seen on Christmas cards, which are the only two species of deer that are truly indigenous to the UK?
4. Many countries in Europe celebrate ‘hunting’ which bird on St Stephens Day? (Don’t worry, it’s no longer a real one but a fake bird that is hunted!)
5. What is the definition of a ‘White Christmas’ according to the UK Met Office?
6. Commonly eaten at Christmas, Falstaff, Wellington and Trafalgar are all varieties of what?
7. Believed to bring good luck in the new year, where did the tradition of feeding the birds on Christmas Day originate?
8. In the carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ how many Swans are ‘a-swimming’?
9. The Legend of the Christmas Spider is an Eastern European folktale which explains the origin of which popular Christmas Tree decoration?
10. The traditional Father Christmas did not wear red, what colour did he wear?


15 thoughts on “Christmas Quiz

  1. Thanks guys Merry Xmas to you all and thanks for supplying me and my little mates ( Birds) their all year round food xxx

  2. Exciting puzzles. I tried it out with my friends. As a result, I was the winner with the highest score of 8/10. After doing this test, I have more knowledge, especially feeding birds at the beginning of the new year brings good luck. I will try this at the beginning of this new year.

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