How Well Do You Know Your Bird Groups?

Whether you know everything about the birds that visit the UK, or you just enjoy watching the birds, it might surprise you to know that not all bird groups are known as ‘Flocks’. In fact there are many different terms to describe groups of birds.

We’ve put together 25 of our favourites. To take the quiz, just scroll down and start playing.

We have three fantastic prizes up for grabs! To enter simply complete the quiz (there might be a special treat at the end).

The three top scoring players will win the above prizes. Please see the terms and conditions at the bottom of this article for more information.

If you don’t want to enter the prize draw (or if you’re playing after the closing date) you can still take part. Just don’t provide your email address.

There might also be a little incentive at the end of the survey too, so make sure you have a go at every question to see the deal!

How well do you know your groups of birds? Take our quiz to find out!


Terms and Conditions – there are three prizes up for grabs awarded to the top three players who meet the criteria. You must play the quiz (and score highly) to enter. If there are multiple high scoring players, then we’ll pick the three winners out of a hat. Prizes are as stated and cannot be exchanged. Both entry into the quiz and the discount code end on Sunday 15th December, although you can still play the quiz for fun after that if you wish. Winners will be announced week commencing 16th December.

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