How can I be Fair To Nature?

If you’re a lover of birds then it’s likely you’ll be passionate about all wildlife. Here at Love Garden Birds we’re 100% dedicated to promoting rich and varied habitats for our wonderful creatures. That’s why we’re working with Fair To Nature!

What is Fair To Nature?

Fair To Nature is a scheme set up by the Conservation Grade to help farms provide sustainable agriculture. Farmers who follow Fair To Nature must use at least 10% of their land for wildflower meadows, wild bird food crops, tussocky grassland and other habitats such as hedges, ponds and woodland. These farms are really giving back to nature.

In recent years, a real emphasis has been put on providing wildlife corridors to let creatures pass through the countryside unharmed by roads and open spaces where they’re vulnerable to danger from machinery and natural predators. Fair To Nature ensures that farmers only cut their hedges once every three years so they are rich in wild berries and shelter animals such as hedgehogs, bank voles and hazel dormice.

Love Garden Birds is a huge supporter of the Fair To Nature scheme. Look out for these products on our website – they’re fully endorsed by Fair To Nature and mean that you’re giving back to wildlife every time you fill up your feeder!

Be kind to birds in your own outdoor space by:

  • Planting hawthorn – this is great for nesting, and the berries are loved by blackbirds, greenfinches and yellowhammers
  • Let your garden grow wild – or at least a small section of it! This will bring in insects which are an extra source of nutrition
  • Keep things clean – cleanliness and disease-free bird tables keep your friendly garden visitors fit and healthy

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