Fat Balls – Fantastic Feeding Options for Birds

Easily placed on tables or crumbled up to be strewn about the garden, fat balls are a versatile feed for your feathered friends. Fat is a core part of any bird’s diet. Unlike humans, more fat is good when it comes to birds, as it’s what gives them the energy through the day and keeps them warm and alive at night.

Fat Balls in Feeder

Which Birds Will I see?

Whilst fat is necessary for all birds, you can expect to see plenty of blackbirds and blackcaps visiting your garden after you’ve put some fat balls out. It’s also popular amongst blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, house sparrows, robins and starlings.

There are plenty more wild birds that enjoy the fat, being such a vital party of their diet, so expect to see more than just the birds we’ve listed. Including fat balls on your feeders is a sure-fire route to increase visitors to your garden.

Served with a side of…?

Fat balls are easy to be paired with sunflower hearts for an additional burst of energy. Birds love it so much, in fact, that we offer the two in a handy bundle! A scattering of any type of seed along with a crumbled-up fat ball is perfectly serviceable on a feeding table, but we’ve got some words of advice about that below.

You might want to get yourself a suet feeder to hang somewhere, though if you fancy you can try smearing some of it into the bark of trees to attract woodpeckers.

Keep in Mind…

Our specially formulated fat balls have a different consistency to other fat balls on the market. This is because we change the formulation of our fat balls as per the season, meaning they have a higher melting temperature in the hot months and aren’t too hard in the cold months.

We still recommend you serve your fat balls shaded in the summer months and be careful about the portions you put out. Make sure that your feeders are cleaned of any oily residue as that might damage the weatherproofing of their feathers.

We suggest that you keep your offerings fresh, as fat that’s gone off can be harmful to the bird’s digestion. Thankfully we offer our feeds at the cheapest online prices in the UK, so you can make sure that you’re serving your feathered friends the very best.

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