Top 5 Tips to Help Migrating Birds in Your Garden

Keep Clean and Carry On

There are some birds who – prior to migration – shed their plumage in preparation so be sure to keep your bird baths topped up with fresh water and, if necessary break any ice that forms to give the birds easy access.

And even if the birds aren’t leaving, a reliable source of accessible water is still vital during the colder months.

Pile on the Winter Weight

It’s fair to say that migration is an extremely arduous task.  As such, migrating birds need lots of energy for their long journey so make sure you have plenty of high energy foods available such as fat balls, peanuts and high energy seed mixes.

Go Wild!

Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll be dragging the lawnmower out in the middle of the winter, you can go even further to cultivate a nurturing environment.  Leaving fallen leaves piled in a corner, letting a bush or two grown untrimmed or even putting down a couple of logs will all encourage insects, bugs and grubs to your garden, providing extra nutrition for your flying visitors.  And, if the garden is big (and wild) enough, you may even be providing an ideal nesting environment for visiting species.

However, if the idea of leaving your garden go to seed is too extreme, you can always encourage insects with one of our bug houses.

Warning: No Entry Ahead!

Whilst most of your regular garden visitors will be familiar with the layout, it’s important to ensure any new visitors don’t inadvertently come to harm as they negotiate all the many treats you have on offer.

With that in mind, put up one of our window alerts to warn any passing birds that it’s not entirely “access all areas”.

Charity begins at home

Don’t’ forget that not all birds flee the UK in winter.  Whilst many species fly off to Mainland Europe and Africa, there are many hardy birds who reside in the UK all year round whilst there are many migrating birds who come to UK to escape even colder climes (hard to believe, I know!).  A cosy nesting box and a well-stocked bird feeder could be just what they need.


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