Mealworms and Garden Birds

Brightly-coloured birds like robins and bluebirds feed on mealworms for their high energy value and great nutrition.

This makes mealworms a great addition to your bird feeding regimen if you want to add some vivid colours to your garden as these wild birds will flock when they find an easy way to get the meals they need.


Some of Britain’s Best-Loved Garden Birds

Of course, it’s not just the humble robin and bluebird. Expect to see or hear woodpeckers, wrens, and – if you’re lucky – you’ll even have a titmouse or two come to your garden.

If these are already regular visitors, feeding on mealworms or on mealworm-filled fat balls, then all you need to do is continue adding mealworms and buggy bird peanut butter to your regular feeding arrangements.

However, we recommend that if you’ve only been putting out seeds and you now want to attract insect-feeding birds to your garden, you begin by serving mealworms on a new feeder some distance from the established seed feed so the newcomers can get used to the garden without feeling crowded out.

Once the new arrivals and your regulars are used to one another, this will change, although as always if you have a mix of large and small birds, providing a feeder only small birds can use and another for their bigger brethren is a great way to keep the peace.

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