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The most common birds in the world

With over 50 billion individual wild birds in the world and 6,700 different species, the question of, ‘what is the most common bird in the world’ is one which often needs to be answered.

there are 50 billion wild birds in the world

The Most Common Birds

The most common bird is the domestic chicken – which is unsurprising when you think how many chickens are bred for eggs and as meat birds. The most common wild bird is the red billed quelea – a small, sparrow looking bird native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Taking third place in the ranking is the Mourning dove, which can be found in warmer parts of North America.

the most common bird is the domestic chicken

Most Common UK Birds

In the UK, we’re a nation of bird lovers, and there are millions of our feathered friends for us to enjoy. The three most common UK birds are robins (6.7M breeding pairs), woodpigeons (5.4M breeding pairs) and house sparrows (5.3M breeding pairs).

the most common bird in the UK is the robin

National Birds Around the World

The national bird of England is the European Robin, which happens to be the most abundant bird in the country. It was chosen after a successful vote, owing to its punchy, chippy and territorial characteristics. Other countries have interesting national birds, too, usually picked for:

  • Their roots in the history and culture of the country
  • Having characteristics that resonate with the population
  • Occasionally because they can only be found in that country


Africa has 2341 species of bird. Africa is home to a stunning diversity of birdlife, and many of these beautiful creatures have been adopted as national symbols. The national bird of Botswana is the Kori bustard, whilst the African Fish Eagle, a large bird of prey that is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, is the national bird for Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

African national birds


Europe has 930 species of bird. In a continent as varied as Europe, it’s no surprise that there are many national birds. In the United Kingdom, the robin is a well-loved national bird that can be seen most frequently in the winter. The national bird of France is the humble sparrow, a hardy little bird that can be found throughout the country. Spain’s national bird is the majestic eagle, a fitting symbol for a country with such a rich history.

Europe national birds


Asia has 3824 species of bird. In Asia, there are a wide variety of national birds, each with its own unique story. The stunning peacock is the national bird of India. It has gorgeous plumage and beautiful tail feathers which have been admired by the world for centuries. Whilst the oriental magpie-robin is endangered but revered in Bangladesh for its beautiful singing.

Asian national birds


America has 1267 species of bird. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America – known for its everlasting strength, it is symbolic of freedom and power. Other countries in the Americas have more exotic choices for national birds – for example, the national bird of the Bahamas is the Bald Eagle.

American national birds


Oceania has 800 species of bird. Its national birds are very diverse – the national bird of Australia is the Emu, one of the worlds largest birds and a symbol of determination and strength. New Zealand’s national bird is the Kiwi, and Papua New Guinea’s in the Reggiana bird-of-paradise.

Oceania national birds


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  1. In the UK list, the goldfinch that’s pictured is the American Goldfinch when it should be the European Goldfinch.

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