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1. During the summer months we are often awoken by the harmonic tune sung by the birds, but just what is the morning bird song called?
2. Goldcrests are the smallest garden bird in the UK, but do you know what colouring they are?
3. During summer the number of winged visitors in our garden usually increases. What is Britain’s most common garden bird?
4. Despite the name, which woodpecker isn’t usually observed pecking tree instead spending more time foraging on the floor?
5. Which of these visitors in Summer actually migrates here from Africa?
6. As fledging season is in full swing which garden bird has been seen feeding the chicks of other birds?
7. We all love the influx of bird species we experience in our gardens during the summer months, but just how many UK garden birds migrate?
8. Which species, often called the pirate of the bird world, is known for stashing away food supplies for later, all thanks to their great memories?
9. The Tit family spends most of their time foraging for food, but which Tit is known to spend 90% of their waking time searching for food?
10. Which bird species is known for laying their second clutch of eggs before the first clutch have even fledged?


17 thoughts on “Summer Bird Quiz

  1. Whoops don’t know as much as i thought about my garden birds but it was good trying.

  2. Our most common bird in the garden is the sparrow – dozens of them swooping in to the feeders.

  3. Really enjoyed your quiz sitting in the garden with a cool drink. Really surprising that robins feed other birds. They are quite territorial and aggressive.

  4. I was surprised that wrens are more common garden visitors than robins. The quiz is a fun brain teazer

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