The Biggest Threats to Birds

Birds are a crucial part of our ecosystem, but there are several threats that they must face every day. From hunting to the dangers posed by planes, our birds go through a lot more in their lives than we give them credit for. From the most common to the rarest birds, every single one of our feathered friends faces risks every day.

Whilst they go about their days, birds around the world have to put up with:

  1. Predators – especially domesticated cats
  2. The threat of collision – many birds make the mistake of flying into windows, buildings and even wind turbines. You can reduce the risk of this happening by installing window alerts.
  3. Fishing nets – sea birds aren’t safe, with many of them being caught up in fishing nets
  4. Plane strike – planes pose a massive risk, especially during migrating season
  5. Bird flu – this deadly avian virus can see entire flocks wiped out to limit the spread of it

This infographic will explore the facts surrounding the biggest threats to birds in the UK, and across the globe!

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The biggest threats to birds

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