Top 10 famous birds of instagram

Top 10 Famous Pet Birds of Instagram

Here at Love Garden Birds, we’re obsessed with the birds of Instagram – and there are more than you might think. From seagulls and crows to cockatoos and parrots, Instagram is full of an array of beautiful birds, and some of our favourites are the pets that people are so willing to share with the world. So, we’re here to share the most famous pet birds on Instagram to give you the same joy!

Perhaps surprisingly, most common pet birds on Instagram are parrots and cockatoos – although their colourful feathers and amusing activities might not make this too much of a shock! But, bringing up the rear of our most popular list of Instagram’s pet birds are a couple of species that you probably wouldn’t even consider pets until you see their charming pages.

Here are the most followed pet birds on Instagram to liven up your feed.

#1 @rhea_thenakedbirdie

Although Rhea the gorgeous naked parrot has sadly passed away, she still holds the top spot for the most popular pet bird on Instagram.

Rhea the bird

#2 @harleythecockatoo

Coming in second place is the delightful Harley, a gorgeous white cockatoo with over 135,000 fans!

harley cockatoo

#3 @merle_the_tiel

As the name suggests, Merle is a Tiel. Based in Australia, this funky bird has over 86,000 followers in the bag.

merle tiel

#4 @gotcha_the_cockatoo

Gotcha is a Moluccan Cockatoo with bunches of personality! He and his family have amassed over 71K followers so far.

gotcha cockatoo

#5 @irn_rio

Rio & Tweety are two colourful, fun Indian ring necks who live in Croatia. They are quickly approaching 57K followers!

rio and tweety

Here are the rest of the top 10 famous birds of Instagram

top 10 ranking birds of instagram

How Do Birds Compare To Other Pets on Instagram?

Okay, so now we know the most popular pet birds on Instagram. But Instagram has brought a menagerie of pets into our lives, so how do the most popular pet birds on Instagram compare to the most popular pets as a whole on the site? Let’s take a look!

As you can see, pets are incredibly popular on Instagram! Although our pet birds have quite a following, with rhea_thenakedbirdie boasting 335,000 followers, they’re no match for Instagram’s favourite dogs, cats, and the odd fox.

Instagram’s top dog, Jiff the Pomeranian, has a firm hold of the crown with 9,800,000 followers and with the rest also claiming followers in the millions, there’s no doubt that people’s adorable pets are a favourite among Instagram users. The only thing that’s missing from the top of Instagram’s most popular pets list is a few birds – so make sure to check out their profiles for regular feathered content! 

#1 @jiffpom

jiff the pomeranian

#2 @nala_cat

nala cat

#3 @itsdougthepug

Doug the pug

top instagram pet ranking

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