Top Winter Survival Tips For Your Garden Birds


It’s well known that winter is a difficult time of year for our cherished garden birds and many unfortunately perish from starvation, especially if a harsh winter arrives. The good news is that you can make a big difference to help your garden birds survive through the winter with the following simple tips.

Fat sources are essential for your garden birds during winter, but please don’t place the left over fats from your cooking or the margarine or vegetable oil you eat yourself. This has no nutritional benefit to your garden birds. Try our suet balls, suet pellets and suet blocks as these provide excellent nutrition, energy and improve fat reserves. If you’re lucky you might attract the Great Spotted Woodpecker!

Peanuts are great high energy food for birds as they contain fibre, fat and protein in abundance. They are ideal for attracting greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches and siskins. They really are an incredibly powerful winter food.

Provide nutritious seeds such as Sunflower hearts and our seed blends as these specially formulated blends are crammed full of energy and protein. The birds will flock in large numbers to these nutritious feasts.

Use Ground Feeders – in addition to stocking the feeders with sunflower hearts, seed blends, Niger and peanuts, please spare a thought for the blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows and robins who feed from the ground.

Keep a constant supply of fresh water for both drinking and bathing to prevent dehydration. A small floating ball can prevent the water freezing or alternatively try our Ice Free product and CitroSan Sanitizer to reduce the spread of disease in your bird baths.

Be consistent and keep feeding your garden birds through the winter as they grow accustomed to you and especially in severe weather. The feeds you supply can be the key to their survival.

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